The RVHobo Kampus is here for just one reason, to help you become as efficient as possible in the editing of your websites and blogs. We recommend that you go to the Getting  Started  Page for the “How To” of getting to your websites dashboard. From there, we recommend that you watch at least the “Dashboard” videos. After that, you can watch more videos or go to our support forum.

Getting Started

If this is your first time at an RVHobo Website, You will need to know how you will receive your user name and password, and how to log on to your email account and website’s dashboard.

Videos & Tutorials

New to WordpPress? Need to learn more about the powerful built in visual editors? This is the best place to start. Our professionally produced videos and tutorials are designed to get you ready to “Be all that you can be”. And, their organized so that you can find just what you want, and find it today!

Support Forum

After you’ve gone through the tutorials and courses here at the RVHobo Kampus, don’t worry, you’re not on your own. Our  Support Forum contains a ton of information to get you the answer you need. If members don’t find the answer they need, they can ask it right here.