Getting Started

We have attempted to make it as simple as possible to use all of the automated features of an RVHobo Website. You choose a user name, tell us your email account and cell phone number, or where you can receive a text.

Once we receive your choice of user names, we do the following:

  1. We assign you a very strong password. This is necessary as you will have access to our websites.
  2. Your password will be texted to you at the cell phone number you provided. We NEVER send a password by email to an unencrypted account.
  3. We create an email account for you at All emails sent to this account will be automatically forwarded to the email account you originally gave us. You can change this at any time.
  4. You access the email account by entering You will enter your new email address and password in the login box.
  5. To access the dashboard of your website, you should use At the login prompt, use your username (not your email address) and password.
  6. This will bring you to your websites “Dashboard”. The dashboard is the page that will allow you to create, edit and delete items in your website.

If you are not familiar with WordPress, we highly recommend you watch the video tutorials at our RVHobo Kam​pus, starting with “The Dashboard”.