Most of the Kustomizing of your Kloud can be accomplished using the Visual Designers, for those who want to understand the nuts-and-bolts, these videos walk you through using Wordpress, just as over 50 million users do everyday all around the globe. Recommended for all users unfamiliar with Wordpress. 


WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress with millions of successful stores. The Kampground Klouds use WooCommerce to process payments for the Reservation System, and it is used in our Mall Stores. Recommended for all users not already familuar with WooCommerce.

Visual Designers

Virtually all customization of your Kloud will be accomplished using using drag-and-drop and setting a few properties. We chose Upfront, a premium product from WPMU DEV. Our licence allows us to include this phenomenal​ tool as part of your membership, and you’re gonna love it!